Postdoctoral fellows: Single-cell analysis of host-pathogen interactions
Texas A&M Health Science Center

Several postdoctoral research opportunities in the Dept of Microbial Pathogenesis & Immunology, Texas A&M Health Science Center, are available for outstanding candidates to apply state-of-the-art molecular, cell biological and scRNA-seq techniques to elucidate fundamental issues in host-pathogen interactions. Engineering expertise in microfluidics is also of high interest and can be placed in a collaborating lab in the Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering. The highly interdisciplinary, collaborative and fast-paced project will interrogate interactions between bacterial pathogens and host cells at single cell resolution, in parallel with the use of microfluidic technologies.

A recent Ph.D. or M.D., and an excellent track record of peer-reviewed publications, are required. Salary will be commensurate with experience. Project start date: October 1, 2018. Submit CV and letters to search for keyword "single-cell".

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